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What-is-an-air-conditioning-condenser, an air conditioning condenser is a vital part of an air conditioner responsible for cooling vapors coming from a compressor. it is not only used in traditional air conditioners, but also refrigerators and almost any other type of device that delivers refrigerant, or cooled air, to another location.sometimes, this portion of the air conditioner is confused with the outside unit in a split system.. What is an air conditioning condenser? there are many crucial components of your air conditioner, and your condenser is one of them. it is so vital that the exterior unit is often called “the condenser,” even though this is just one function of the appliance itself. this guide shows you what the condenser does, and how you can take care of it., what is an air conditioning condenser? a/c warehouse repairs and sells air conditioning condenser systems. when air passes through the air handler, heat is pulled out of the air and transferred into the refrigerant. the refrigerant is then pumped into the air conditioning condenser as a warm, low-pressure gas..

Types of air conditioner condenser ac condenser units are grouped according to how it rejects the heat to the medium (surround air). here are a few condensers units. • air cooled condenser • earth cooled condenser (geothermal heat pumps) • water cooled condenser • combination of air and water cooled condenser (evaporative condensers) air cooled condensers are mostly used in a ..., what is an air conditioner condenser and how to repair. an air conditioner condenser is responsible for cooling down and condensing refrigerant vapor into liquid. the condenser is made up of various parts. when the condenser breaks down it typically means that one or more parts in the condenser will have to be replaced..

Central air conditioning systems have essentially two parts: an evaporator that removes unwanted heat from the air and transfers it to a refrigerant; and a condenser that removes unwanted heat from the refrigerant and transfers that heat outdoors.