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Air-conditioner-sickness-symptoms, remedy: make sure your air conditioning systems are cleaned regularly and the filter changed every few months. 2. fatigue, headaches and generally feeling ill. many individuals find that after a day of work, they often feel more tired than usual, headachy and a general sense of malaise.. But whether you’re an avid user of your air conditioner, or just turn it on from time to time, it’s good to be in the know about what your air conditioner may be doing to your health without ..., while your air conditioning isn’t what’s making you sick, it can circulate air contaminants that are the root of your issues. the unit itself may even house the problem..

Have you ever felt "air conditioning sickness?" you know, that cold, stuffy, weak feeling caused by staying indoors under the influence of an air conditioner for too long? all you want to do is get back outside into the warm summer sun for the sake of your health and your sanity. this feeling is not uncommon. although air conditioning is often prescribed to folks who are suffering from asthma ..., do you ever feel cold, stuffy and weak from being stuck indoors with the ac constantly running? you might be suffering from air conditioning sickness. this feeling is quite common, so is the air conditioning system in your home doing more harm than good? while the air conditioning doesn’t make you sick, it can interact…continue reading →.

Menu. home; services. residential ac repair. new ac units; heat pump replacement & installation; commercial ac repair; ac repair. ac repair phoenix. best ac repair, motion sickness is a sort of miscommunication between the senses. the brain receives signals from the inner ears, muscles, eyes, and joints to sense movement. for example: when you’re reading a book in the car your eyes are focused on the book and don’t sense the movement, though your inner ear does. these mixed signals lead to motion sickness, and the not-so-good feelings that follow..

George brazil air conditioning and heating provides the phoenix area with old fashioned, high quality, professional customer service done right the first time to create comfortable, healthy, safe and energy efficient places to live and work., thanks to advanced technology, in such hot weather, one could hardly imagine what it would be like without air conditioning. but every coin has its two sides (like yin and yang philosophy), “air conditioning sickness” is the other side of it. let’s take a look at statements from my patients:….

Sick building syndrome (sbs) is a name for a condition that’s thought to be caused by being in a building or other type of enclosed space. it’s attributed to poor indoor air quality.